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Why I created USEDvending, &
why I recommend the Plexus business!

Welcome, whether you've been a long time customer or just visited our site for the first time, you probably started the same way I did. While trying to start my vending route, I quickly learned that there are some shysters in the vending industry. After a near rip-off, I realized that I didn't know whom or what to believe and felt a tremendous need to provide a better option for those looking to buy vending equipment.

So, in 1999, I left my engineering job at Lockheed Martin and started on the basis of honesty, integrity, and value because it doesn't matter how successful you are if you can't sleep well at night with a clear conscience. Through the years, we have strived to do the right thing in every aspect and have received hundreds of awesome testimonials that make up my favorite page of the entire company. Sometimes when I'm stressed, I go read that testimonial page; it cheers me up and helps put things back in perspective. 

I share this in hopes of expressing my sincerity in sharing Plexus with you.  I have declined many money-making schemes over the years.  In college, I tried MLM's (network marketing) but it wasn't for me because I don't like pushing products on my friends.  If someone doesn't need or want something I have, I don't want them buying it just to help me out or do me a favor.  So, I said I would never do another MLM again.

In mid 2011, I noticed several people at church were losing weight. One told me they were taking something called Plexus Slim and asked us about becoming a dealer to make money with it.  I ignored it because "I'm not an MLM guy." :-)   They said it was "ground floor", but how many times have you heard that!  Over the next several months I witnessed dozens of people losing weight and having all kinds of other health improvements from this stuff. People were getting off of all kinds of medicines that they had been taking for years.

Although I was definitely sold on the fact that it produced amazing results, I didn't think an MLM had any chance of matching the success of my already existing business; so I wasn't going to dilute my focus with some distraction.  One day, my wife and I were driving home from a week cruise and heard that a good friend was getting a Lexus for reaching the Emerald level as a Plexus Ambassador / dealer.  She had just started 8 months earlier; so I asked a few questions and learned that she was one of only 12 Emeralds in the entire company.  In fact, Emerald was the highest level achieved by anyone and most of those 12 were right here in a 100 mile section of south Louisiana & Mississippi!  That caught my attention!

Most of the successful, money-making people in the company were right here? Why?  Turns out, this really is in the ground floor stages!  Even though the Plexus headquarters is in Arizona, the real explosive growth of this amazing product began right here!  That REALLY caught my attention!  When it explodes in the rest of the nation like it is doing here, someone's going to make a fortune.  I'm going to be part of that. I'm looking for vision oriented people to do it with! 

Like I said, I don't like pushing products on friends; that's why the Plexus products are so awesome - their results bring the sales! 

  1. People lose weight. 
  2. It's obvious to everyone. 
  3. People ask them how. 
  4. They start using Plexus too.
  5. They start selling it themselves!

Seems that most people who try the products are so impressed that they sign up as dealers.  I love it!  Explosive growth and results without being pushy.

Pink Drink - Plexus Free Sample

So here's the deal.  Plexus Slim is an all natural powder that you mix with water and drink once a day.  That's it!  It's great for weight loss, diabetics, cholesterol, and many other issues.  It's growing like wildfire and spreading to other regions each day.  As of now, it is in just a handful of states, and there is true "ground-floor" growth happening in this company.  As of today, June 16th, 2012, it is growing by 50% every two months. 

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With Plexus Slim, there are many ways to earn income...

the Plexus Compensation Plan

Plexus Slim's compensation plan is unlike any other plan that is on the market. Plexus has driven to make a fundamental change and shift to the Network Marketing industry and in doing so has created this revolutionary new compensation plan. The marketing force behind the Plexus Slim machine are its Ambassadors who share in 50% of the sales volume under the Plexus Compensation Plan. Detailed below is how that 50% is distributed to Plexus Ambassadors around the world.

-Business Builders Bonus (BBB): When a new Ambassador joins the company, they can purchase a "Welcome Pack" but the only requirement is a $35 fee for a full year of their own Plexus website! These Welcome Packs are great bargains and not available at any other time. 50% of the purchase price of a Welcome Kit is paid back to the Ambassadors as a Business Building Bonus (BBB). Here how that BBB is paid out: Sponsor of the new Ambassador receives 50% of the bonus, while 25%, 15%, and 10% is paid up-line to the first 3 qualified Ambassadors above the original sponsoring Ambassador. The $199 Welcome Pack is such a deal as it has 3 30-Day kits in it. Keep one kit for your own use and sell the other 2 and get $230 back. Start you business off debt free!

-One Time Achievement Bonus: When you achieve certain ranks within the Plexus compensation plan you receive one time Bonuses. Please refer to compensation plan summary page as each rank has a different bonus attached to it. Rank qualifications and bonus amounts vary.

-Fast Start Achievement Bonus: If you achieve the rank of Gold Ambassador, Sr. Gold, Ruby or Sr. Ruby in your first 30 days after enrollment in Plexus Slim you will receive a double One Time Achievement Bonuses for that time period.

-Plexus Profit Sharing: As you build your business and add Ambassadors you are also adding to your profit sharing. For every Qualified Ambassador that is in your organization, you will receive a certain number of Plexus Shares based on where that Ambassador ranks. At the end of each month, you are paid based on the number of Plexus Shares you have accumulated in a month. The more Ambassadors, the more shares, the more profit sharing. It all ads up going down a full 7 levels. A true 7 levels which will compress a level that does not qualify for that month.

-Retail Profits: As an Ambassador you can purchase Plexus products at wholesale pricing and then resale then at retail. With the Plexus Slim Pink Drink Product you can buy it in larger quantities and get a discount on the regular wholesale price. The savings can really add up with a large customer base. When you introduce others to our products and they make a purchase and become a customer, you will earn the profits between wholesale and retail pricing. Many Ambassadors choose to build a large customer base to sell their products to and never actually try to get other people into the business as Ambassadors. Many times people like the products so much that they ask the person selling the product to them if there are openings in the company for them to sell the products. Most Ambassadors are welcome to these people to come on board because each new Ambassador that they bring into the business will only grow their business. This new person is worth 5 points toward the profit sharing bonus plus other commissions and bonuses are paid out.

-Retail Commissions: These are paid on your Personal Sales Volume over $100.00, and the reward is 15%-25% depending on the total volume accumulated over the month. Please refer to the compensation plan summary to see the retail reward schedule.

-Retail Over-ride Commissions: You will earn a 5% Sales over-ride on any Personal Sales Volume over $100.00 in your organization, 1 fully compressed level below you.

-Preferred Customer Program: Preferred customers agree to receive AutoQualification (can cancel any time) at a reduced retail price. You are paid specific dollar amounts for each of these in place. These customers also count toward your personal sales volume so you can earn additional Retail Rewards. Please see the compensation plan summary for additional details

-Emerald Pool Bonus: The emerald pool is funded with 3% of the company’s monthly sales volume and divided among emerald pool qualified Ambassadors. If no one qualifies for the emerald pool the money is added to the profit sharing program. Please see compensation plan summary for qualification details.

-Diamond Pool Bonus: The diamond pool is funded with 2% of the company’s monthly sales volume and divided among diamond pool qualified Ambassadors. If no one qualifies for the diamond pool the money is added to the profit sharing program. Please see compensation plan summary for qualification details.

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